Week 1: TERMINUS by Mark O’Rowe


Our first show of term was ‘Terminus’ by Irish playwright Mark O’Rowe, which took place in the Corpus Playroom, 21 – 25 January.


“We go, see the slo-mo ebb and flow; the mill, the babble, the rabble of wobbling waywards, exiled and aimless, unlike us as, purposeful and double-file, like kids on a dare, we head to who the fuck knows where?”

Over the course of a single night, three people are ripped from their daily lives and catapulted into a world of singing serial killers, avenging angels and lovesick demons. Told through overlapping, rhyming monologues, the gritty and fantastical are pitted together in this award-winning, exhilarating play.

Cast and Crew

A – Charlotte Quinney
B – Kim Jarvis
C – George Kan
Director – John King
Producer – Laura Moulton
Lighting Designer – Jake Wood
Publicity – Holly Clothier
Accent Coach – Larissa Kennelly
Publicity Assistant – Steph Spreadborough


Cambridge Theatre Review: 5 STARS ***** “The best play I have seen so far in Cambridge”

The Tab: 5 STARS ***** “frightening, shocking, and undeniably brilliant… unlike anything else I have seen in a long time.”

Varsity: 4 STARS **** “When they speak it is as if they come under some sort of spell… remarkable”

TCS: 8/10 “a particularly powerful and enigmatic performance.”

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