Week 3: THE CHILDREN’S HOUR by Lillian Hellman


This week in New Cellars, Pembroke Players present ‘The Children’s Hour’ by Lillian Hellman. 4 – 8 February. 7pm. £5.


Manipulation. Lies. Power. This is the Children’s Hour, where a brief moment can entangle you in a web of deceit and shame.

When a troubled teenager starts to spin a web of deceit, all around her are soon caught up in it. Karen Wright and Martha Dobie have worked for years to establish their all-girls boarding school, and now, with the school flourishing and Karen on the verge of marriage, their lives and loves finally appear secure. However, when malicious student Mary runs away from the school and seeks to avoid being sent back, she draws on hearsay, gossip, and her own imagination, to concoct a story that threatens the school, the marriage, and their entire futures, triggering a chain of events with devastating consequences.

Written by acclaimed and controversial playwright Lillian Hellman, this 1934 play ‘The Children’s Hour’ still continues to shock and provoke.

Cast and Crew

Clara Strandhoj Karen Wright
Joanna Clarke Martha Dobie
Izzy Gooder Mrs Tilford
Ella Duffy Agatha
Shikha Pahari Peggy Rogers
Georgina Letts Mary Tilford
James Roberts Joseph Cardin
Rebecca Thomas Evelyn Munn
Gabriella Jeakins Catherine
Lauren Letherbarrow Rosalie Wells
Eleanor Mack Mrs Mortar
Lottie Limb Lois Fisher
Rose Lander Helen Burton

Katherine Bond Director
Charlotte Chorley Producer
Dan Hardoon Assitant Director
Jaz Brady Assistant Producer
Beth Fisher Publicity Officer


TCS: “Moving… more than a few audience members in tears” (8/10)

Varsity: “Impeccably cast… a brilliant piece of theatre” (4.5/5 stars)

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