Week 5 Late Show: POMPEII by Eli Keren


New Cellars. 18 – 22 February. 9.30pm. £6/5.


We’ve known that the world was going to end for a few weeks, but it’s here now. It’s really here. The telephone lines have fallen dead, the televisions aren’t broadcasting anymore, the police have been told to go home and spend time with their families and the streets belong to the looters. Five people have come together to live out their very last hour, and turn to one another to find a reason to laugh one more time before the end. The third play from Eli Keren, Pompeii asks ‘The world’s about to end; What would you do?’

Cast and Crew

Harry – Katherine Bond
Jamie – Ben Spiro
Ollie – Alex Thompson
Martha – Lauren Letherbarrow
Kat – Johanna Ohlman

Director – Em MilesShreya Parikh
Publicist – Harry Stockwell
Producer – Juliana Pars
Writer – Eli Keren

Book Tickets via ADC Ticketing by clicking here.

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