Week 5 Main Show: CYMBELINE by William Shakespeare


Pembroke Freshers’ Play. New Cellars. 19 – 22 February. 7pm. £5.
Tickets available at the door. Email ci229@cam.ac.uk to reserve.



Acclaimed actor/director Cymbeline plays a British King resisting the might of the Roman Empire in his latest blockbuster. Come behind the scenes as he attempts to hold his media empire together in the face of lies, rivalry and infighting among the cast and crew.

The Pembroke Freshers present this classic tale of sex, power and deception, combining Shakespeare’s own language with a powerful new interpretation.

An empire will fall. The question is: whose will it be?

Cast and Crew

Cymbeline – Jacob Baldwin
Imogen – Aoife Kennan
Posthumus – James Roberts
Cloten/ Caius Lucius – Will Popplewell
Queen – Holly Willis
Iachimo/ Belarius – Robert Eyers
Cornelius/ Soothsayer – Sarah Howden
Guiderius – Lizzie Hibbert
Arvigarus – Ellie De

Director – Laura Moulton
Producer – Charlotte Ivers
Assistant Producer – Jess FarmeryHannah Taylor
Technical Director – Georgie Holiday
Publicity Design – Sophie Naddell

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