POMPEII Rehearsal Diaries: Shreya Parikh


Four days left for Pompeii to begin showing! Or, four days left to an imagination that the world is ending in an hour. That’s all you have – one hour. What would you like to do most, whom would you be with? What would you do to make the person next to you happy?

Theatre – that temporary halting of reality to skip into something. To pretend to be in another world, with its feelings and emotions, insecurities and worries.

Rehearsals. That mind manipulation where the cast unearths different parts of their personality to put on a good pretence. But, is it a pretence or is it just contextualizing to circumstances, circumstances drawn up by the writer, puppet-ed by the directors’ vision. Is it an empathy with the character in those circumstances, or is it the person themselves?

In a script un-bound by consequences as there is literally one hour left. How would you fight? Would you care about your bruises? How would you love, would you care about being hurt? How would you hope, would you rather accept?

Shreya is co-director of POMPEII by Eli Keren, which opens this Tuesday in New Cellars. Book tickets here.

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