THE CUT Rehearsal Diaries: Rose Juliet Reade, actor


Here are a few words from Rose Juliet Reade, who plays John in ‘The Cut’, which opens on Tuesday.

Ravenhill’s play is full of unanswered questions: what is the cut? Who runs the dystopian society the play is set in? What does the cut do to your mental state? And this is something that, as actors, we have to have some idea of the answers to. We have been experimenting with ideas for characters, mine is a particular enigma; nobody knows where she comes from or why she is there, and in rehearsals we have done a lot of work on this, through improvisation and physical work. I think the point of the play is to leave the audience with questions rather than answers – surely the main point of theatre itself is to provoke and make people think? This play certainly is provoking. What appeals to me is the fact that the play has a strong centre of gravity: we see Paul interacting with three different people, always across a table. For such a mad and unsettling world it is good to have something constant and stable.

Intrigued? Book tickets here!

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