Applications are still open for EDINBURGH and MAY WEEK shows


Applications for funding for the Edinburgh Fringe Festival are still open! We are looking for original and innovative shows to take to the Fringe and welcome all applications. 

If you are interested, please email the president Constance Chapman (cc708) giving the following details about your show:

1) Please give a detailed description of the play that you wish to take to the Fringe – plot, genre, plans for set and staging etc. 

2) Please indicate the (estimated) size of your company and the planned length of your run in Edinburgh 

3) Please give a detailed budget breakdown and any details of funding that you have already been awarded/ have applied for 

4) Why do you think that this show would do well at the Fringe? Points that you may wish to include are: details of target demographic; how you will utilise your chosen venue; plans for publicity and any other relevant information.

We are also opening applications for our May Week show which is traditionally held outside in Pembroke’s beautiful gardens, but may be held in New Cellars if necessary. We are looking for a light-hearted and fun production with ideally minimal set though we welcome all applications. Please contact the president Constance Chapman (cc708) or artistic director John King (jk563) for further details.

Deadline: Friday 25th April, 9pm

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